Four Lane Ends

The Four Lane Ends are placed at the border of Newcastle and North Tyneside. The Black Bull is thought to be the oldest pub in Benton and it appears on a map dated 1755. The Sun Inn was renamed the Benton Ale House in 1995.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries wealthy mine owners lived in mansions in and around Benton, however only one of these mansions remains today, Benton House which once belonged to the Bigge Family, and was built in 1750 is presently owned by the Conservative Club.

Amongst the cottages of Front Street there were also various little shops and workshops in the 1900’s, however they are all gone now.

Longbenton Church Vicarage was built in 1734 for Charles Hayton. It was also known as North House. It has been owned by the University of Newcastle since 1944.


Anonymous said...

That was my Granny's house on South View next to the big house with the bay windows. Why don't you have any pictures of the forge? That's where my Granny grew up as my family were the blacksmiths.

Anonymous said...

Am busy trying to restore what was the forge near the school which was demolished. Any info on its old appearance would be great as i can only find one photo and one drawing in public records. email is

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